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Just venting, I'm sure you all understand.

My doc has requested 2 procedures each month for the last four months and finally in Dec i get an approval in the mail after numerous requests for the sme thing. Good thing right? Approval period is through the end of Jan... Guess who still doesn't have procedure dates set up? *sigh*

With the Holidays I expected some delays and will admit I myself waited an extra week before calling my docs office for status update. Should have known something was up. Turns out my doc office never received the approvals and now 2 weeks after scanning and faxing over so they could send off the referral I still don't have anything set up.

I live in CA, it's not always sunny... And the Workers Comp sucks! Smile
That does suck, maybe somebody can get you in. My wc just put a nurse case manager on my case a few months ago. On one of my doctors appt he said man they don't want to pay for anything. Told him the trouble I had getting some stuff paid and that is why I had a lawyer. Told him I had told my lawyer about them trying to get something pre-approved and that they said medicare would pay of WC didn't and that I had asked my lawyer should I not let them do that. Lawyer said get what you need done and he would work on making them pay so my doctor said he would order what he felt I needed. When it comes down to it this will just cost work comp more money and I will get what my doc feels I need to help. If they would just open the check book and settle I think it would save them some money but let them keep spending it. Seems to me like I'm getting closer to needing surgery so if that doesn't get figured into a set a side I would be better off to still be under wc for the surgey
I hope so. Main thing is work, finding a ride.. You know all the planning that goes into making these appointments work is all up in the air and cut short. :o(
I live in CA, it's not always sunny... And the Workers Comp sucks! Smile

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