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Been sick 4 months
After numerous visits to dermatologist and Urologist, The Doctors seem to "think" my burning sensation and sensitivity at the tip of my urethra is caused my Neuropathy or some nerve.

I have had many urine test ran; all negative; The dermatologist took a biospy(that sucked) and the lab said "minor irritation. I am so tired of dealing with this mentally and physically. My life has stopped over this. It will rub up against my underwear and drive me insane.

Also, The bottom of my feet burn at times; not real bad but.....

The burning sensation only seems to happen during the day especially the afternoon. I go to sleep at night and I seldom burn; It does sound like a back issue maybe....

I woke up with this issue one morning out of the blue. I have been struggling with this and my Anxiety is out the roof!

Has any man or someones husband had a issue like this? I go for a
Hows your vision............?
hows your sugar
hows your sugar
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

My vision is good; My sugar has not been checked in approx a month but it was good then.

This sickness has taken a toll on me and my family. It might seem strange but I ask for prayers. I am at my wits end.
Lucky you are always in my prayers... does the bottom of your feet feel kind of like layers of paper or onion skin dry and cracked?Bill has this problem and complains of them hurting and burning....I put a comprey ointment on them that helps but the other he hasnt said anything about...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

My feet do not burn constantly and it is tolerable just annoying.

I go and take a physical Thursday. I need answers so I can go back to being myself.
Lucky I feel for you! It sucks knowing Theres a problem and drs don't have the answers. I went for 6+ yrs before I finally told them what I thought the problem was and finally got diagnosed with Celiac. I'm not for self diagnosing, and gave them years to figure it out, but sometimes you have to be your own advocate.

I have neropathy from Celiac. This may be TMI but oh well...lol. I am awaken in the middle of the night with intense pain in my bum. Waken from a dead sleep where you shoot up and almost in tears. Can't move. Can't breath. Can't sleep. Can't sit. Can't walk....excruciating pain. Never happens to that extent during the day. Always at night. It can last 5 min to 4 agonizing hours or more. I went a long time before I finally mentioned it to the Dr. Its embarrassing. When my family ask why I'm awake, I just say my bum and leave it at that. From what I understand it is some nerve. It can happen ones in a few months or a few times a week. I think stress plays a huge role in how often it happens. I finally got to the point I just take a pain pill to help manage it when it happens so I can get sleep. You know your body best. I think drs are quick to manage symptoms rather than finding the actual cause.

Sorry if TMI but sounds to me like more of a nerve problem than a back problem. Just my opinion. Smile
My daughter checked my sugar and it read 81. Not a diabetic. I take a physical tomorrow.
Are there ANY particular test or blood test I should push for or make sure he does?

I would ask they check every thing! Even urine test. Your body is telling you something isn't right. Too much protein in my urine can be irritating.
Hi Lucky. First know that I have added you to my prayer list. Second I'm a girl and so my situation is different than yours but some of the things you said just hit rather close to home. I have had a pain in my groin area and it always kind of hurt at the end of when I would pee. I seem to have less ability to hold my urine and end up running for the bathroom and almost wet my pants at times. I was tested over and over again for an infection and they kept coming up negative. I kept insisting and after the fourth test over six weeks or so the test finally showed a urinary tract infection. Okay...foot burning. I have had three episodes where I wake up from a dead sleep with the part of my foot where your toes are connected to your foot...kind of the ball part ...feeling like someone has a blow torch on it. I wake up in a level 10 pain, It takes hours to resolve and it usually ends up being massive pain pills to get it under control. Every time it has happened the whole right leg and low back, sacrum ends up set back for at least a couple of weeks to get back to the pre-foot burning event. My Dr. said "I don't know" the PT said "I don't know". I went to a ortho guy for my mri report on my knees and have two tears in the right meniscus and one tear in the left. I was explaining the waking up from a dead sleep and pointing to the ball of my foot and I said "I wake up from a dead sleep" and the Dr. said "in searing pain". I was SO happy that he seemed to have some idea of what was going on but then instead of talking with me any further he said he wanted to see the MRI of my lumbar (I had one but didn't bring it) and wait until I see the ortho who specializes in backs before we talk about my knees any further. So...My injuries on my knees was from one event during a two week job and then at the end of the job I ended up on a very rough 45 min. boat ride that slammed my tailbone into the metal deck of the boat over and over again. I keep thinking the pain in my groin, urinary issues and the burning pain in my foot are all connected and coming from something gong on in my back/tailbone/sacrum. My PT says there are so many nerves that radiate out from the tail bone that it can affect lots of things. I am so reluctant to take pain meds that my Dr. kind of caught me minimizing my pain level and said my choice was a pain patch or nothing because he didn't trust me to control my pain. Now I am high as a kite and hating it. But I slept for about twelve hours straight yesterday and was able to do more in pool therapy than before. I have an appt with a pain specialist at the end of the month and we will be figuring out a non narcotic solution to my problems one way or the other. All this is to say I can relate to urinary burning and leg/foot burning and will pray that we both get some answers sooner rather than later. I have gotten to the point that what I pray for the most is a smart doctor :-)

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