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Look At My List Of Injuries And Comment
C5-6 2.7mm disc protrusion that abuts the thecal sac. There is left neuroforaminal narrowing. Left facet and uncinate anthropathy is noted.

C6-7 2mm disc protrusion that abuts the thecal sac. There is bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing. Facet and uncinate anthropathy is noted.

My case consists of 8 doctors. A neurologist, neurosurgeon, pain management specialist, two chiropractors, two physical therapist and a psychiatrist.

My neurosurgeon told me after going over the M.R.I. with me in detail that my spinal cord is being crushed in my neck. I have several protruding disc and several herniated disc and two broken bones in my lower back. Hence the need for both the surgery neccessary in my neck and back. I agree with the lower back surgery to fix the broken bones but I'm skeptical about the neck surgery. But the more I look at the M.R.I. and see how exteremly bad my spinal cord is being crushed in my neck.... trust me its bad.... the more I am thinking that its absolutely neccessary. Im taking percocets every 4 hours for pain and also a muscle relaxer, two different acid reflux pills and an anti-inflammatory. The pills get me pretty high feeling and numb the pain but it's just that... a numb feeling. I've been surfing since i was 6 yrs old and the doctor told me that i pretty much can write that off along with my job in construction. Which is all ive ever known being a 5th generation carpenter. But another thing I wanted to share that makes my situation a little more brutal is the fact that the guy i workered for exclusively freaked out when he found out that i was injured and layed me off. I am now homeless with no family or friends to fall back on since all my friends work construction and have a family themselves and are still suffering from the housing market collapse in 2008. BUT ANYWAYS.... I'm not trying to get a pity party in any way. I'm just trying to share the further difficulties I'm enduring on top of my injury. So there it is pretty much and again I want to thank everyone for the comments and ideas.
WOW AGAIN!!! I keep reading what everyone has posted and I am so thankful for all your GREAT information and opinions. Thank You for your prayers and I cant tell you what it means to have people who have gone through the similar things to talk with when theres nobody on the streets that can relate.

Thank You All Again.

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