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Look At My List Of Injuries And Comment
We are all ears.... One thing to always remember is there can be complications with any surgery no matter how serious or non serious.. Second, if the surgery works....great, but sometimes its the scar tissue that gets you.. I am not trying to scare you or any one its just the risks involved... There is a point of one must be stable and surgery is a must.. My first surgery left me with 40 some screws and plates through out my pelvis and hip and had my left si joint fused.. This surgery was a must to be stable to heal.. It was a hard road to recovery, hospital to home with wheel chair, and only assisted standing to transfer from bed to chair.. I wore a brace that wouldnt allow me to bend no more than 40 degreese.. Almost 4 months before I started recieving pt so I could start walking again............ This I think is why I refuse to have another surgery, I simply cant and wont go through this again.....

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RE: Look At My List Of Injuries And Comment - bronco54501 - 01-04-2013, 04:19 PM

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