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Look At My List Of Injuries And Comment
Your list is almost exact to mine but a few more herniated and bulging discs. Keep in mind surgeons do surgery, that's how they make money. I've aquired these problems from 20 years of construction same as you, building from ground up. Here is where I went wrong, listening to someone that gains from me having surgery! I was told by the surgeon if the bulging and herniations didn't go away in 6 months they never will without surgery. So we had the first one done anterior lumbar interbody fusion at l4-l5. Miraculously the rest of the herniations reabsorbed during recouperation and 1 1/2 year delay from WC, but he got his money from that one that didn't fix the pain or numbness! So for eternity I have to deal with this hardware and the future complications when the herniation probably would've been reabsorbed. They just blindsided me with putting me at MMI and a 5% rating(which keeps me from getting any job) after the douche doctor got his money. After all this my atty said I can only expect 30 to 50 grand to last the rest of my life! So that's what I've had happen to me through WC with almost the exact same diagnosis. Hope it helps, if I were to do it again there wouldn't be a chance of me having surgery. They're all liars including the attys so make sure you can live with your decisions. Good luck. Ps, I was told I would have a 3" scar below the pubic line, I have an 8" scar above and left of my bellybutton. Its my own male C-section scar, just bigger

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RE: Look At My List Of Injuries And Comment - jayc123 - 01-04-2013, 09:31 AM

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