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Look At My List Of Injuries And Comment
I was injured in 2007 and found this forum in 2008, it has been a god send.. Wc was great for the first 2 years and slowly started playing thier stall tactics, denying meds, etc.. It has been 2 years now without any bennifits, no treatment and quit paying for meds.. Much like you, I also had multiple injuries, torn shoulder, nerve damage in left arm, 14 fractured ribs, open book pelvis fracture, dislocated hip, shattered hip socket, hemotomas(spelling) in the skull, punctured lung...the list goes on... and on.. After the first surgeries, I complained about back and leg pain and this was while I was recovering in hospital.. It was later they found out I had damage to the l4-l5, l5-s1 disks and nerve impingments.. I went through a non advasive plan that consisted of 18 injections, rfa's, nerve blocks, phisical therapy.. I did how ever manage to return to work a year later and lasted 1 1/2 years before i couldnt tollerate the pain, new mri's showed more damage .. I havnt worked another day since june of 2010, and has been a hard path.. Surgery was suggested with a 2 level fussion but was told it would only help the nerve pain in leg and do nothing for my back pain... I opted out of the surgery because like many here they are not a guarantee and usually puts more stress on the upper and lower disks and soon another fussion will be needed.. I live daily in pain, on narcotics but I can still walk around a bit with the aid of a cane... I am presently in settlment talks and hope to be done with this wc mess soon.......

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RE: Look At My List Of Injuries And Comment - bronco54501 - 01-04-2013, 08:11 AM

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