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Look At My List Of Injuries And Comment
a radiologist does not make diagnosi.
they supply findings to a physician who combines many elements into a comprehensive attempt to explain the symptoms.

sort of like a lab report on a soil sample:
lots of different identifiable things present in the sample but only a few are relevant to what's causing the ailment.
findings are not injuries.

everyone has findings on their MRI but not everyone that does needs treatment or has any complaints.
the art of medicine is knowing
which is important to the problem.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll C_F has been here 10 years and is still fighting for a settlement and is worse than when he started because of shoddy treatment
I started with 2 discs fused in my neck and now have the disc above and below blown as of about 2 years ago I havent had another cervical MRI done since then.I also have 3 disc blown in my lower back but the Doc and I both came to the understanding that a fusion wasnt in my best interest.I am a redhead and scar very easy I was very lucky as the company I worked for pissed the judge off early in my case and we settled after only 2 years.I stay to help out the newly injured workers and because well its my home away from home and I love many of the oldtimers like family.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I also have all three areas of the spine involved. The lumbar from the work comp injury, the cervical from an injury caused by the work comp doctor, and the thoracic spine from an auto accident earlier this year. Although my Injuries are not near as severe as yours.

Please get the medical treatment you need and keep your medical open after you settle.
Think what he means is you might be in for a ride. And not a good one. Most companies seldom pay for everything you need right off the bat when you have things that are going to cost them big money. Maybe you will get lucky and everything will be taken care of but even if it is being an injured worker is never good thing. There are many on here that go though pain daily and will for life. The best some can hope for is they can reduce it down to a level that you can deal with. I've been on here since 2008 but my injury was in 2005. Still not settled. And the best they can tell me is I will get worse as the years go by.
This is a great place to come for help and many can help. Remember what we have to say may not be what you want to hear because it's not always a smooth road we have to travel. Your claim may go well for you and I pray it does.
I was injured in 2007 and found this forum in 2008, it has been a god send.. Wc was great for the first 2 years and slowly started playing thier stall tactics, denying meds, etc.. It has been 2 years now without any bennifits, no treatment and quit paying for meds.. Much like you, I also had multiple injuries, torn shoulder, nerve damage in left arm, 14 fractured ribs, open book pelvis fracture, dislocated hip, shattered hip socket, hemotomas(spelling) in the skull, punctured lung...the list goes on... and on.. After the first surgeries, I complained about back and leg pain and this was while I was recovering in hospital.. It was later they found out I had damage to the l4-l5, l5-s1 disks and nerve impingments.. I went through a non advasive plan that consisted of 18 injections, rfa's, nerve blocks, phisical therapy.. I did how ever manage to return to work a year later and lasted 1 1/2 years before i couldnt tollerate the pain, new mri's showed more damage .. I havnt worked another day since june of 2010, and has been a hard path.. Surgery was suggested with a 2 level fussion but was told it would only help the nerve pain in leg and do nothing for my back pain... I opted out of the surgery because like many here they are not a guarantee and usually puts more stress on the upper and lower disks and soon another fussion will be needed.. I live daily in pain, on narcotics but I can still walk around a bit with the aid of a cane... I am presently in settlment talks and hope to be done with this wc mess soon.......
Your list is almost exact to mine but a few more herniated and bulging discs. Keep in mind surgeons do surgery, that's how they make money. I've aquired these problems from 20 years of construction same as you, building from ground up. Here is where I went wrong, listening to someone that gains from me having surgery! I was told by the surgeon if the bulging and herniations didn't go away in 6 months they never will without surgery. So we had the first one done anterior lumbar interbody fusion at l4-l5. Miraculously the rest of the herniations reabsorbed during recouperation and 1 1/2 year delay from WC, but he got his money from that one that didn't fix the pain or numbness! So for eternity I have to deal with this hardware and the future complications when the herniation probably would've been reabsorbed. They just blindsided me with putting me at MMI and a 5% rating(which keeps me from getting any job) after the douche doctor got his money. After all this my atty said I can only expect 30 to 50 grand to last the rest of my life! So that's what I've had happen to me through WC with almost the exact same diagnosis. Hope it helps, if I were to do it again there wouldn't be a chance of me having surgery. They're all liars including the attys so make sure you can live with your decisions. Good luck. Ps, I was told I would have a 3" scar below the pubic line, I have an 8" scar above and left of my bellybutton. Its my own male C-section scar, just bigger
I want to thank you all for all your comments and sharing your own personal experiences. It sounds like I'm in for a ride alright. I am confused as to have surgery in my neck or not? I know that I need to in my lower back to repair the two fractures. Those wont heal themselves, but the neck??? Anyways, I would like to share a little more detail and would greatly appreciate any or all of your comments, ideas or experiences.
We are all ears.... One thing to always remember is there can be complications with any surgery no matter how serious or non serious.. Second, if the surgery works....great, but sometimes its the scar tissue that gets you.. I am not trying to scare you or any one its just the risks involved... There is a point of one must be stable and surgery is a must.. My first surgery left me with 40 some screws and plates through out my pelvis and hip and had my left si joint fused.. This surgery was a must to be stable to heal.. It was a hard road to recovery, hospital to home with wheel chair, and only assisted standing to transfer from bed to chair.. I wore a brace that wouldnt allow me to bend no more than 40 degreese.. Almost 4 months before I started recieving pt so I could start walking again............ This I think is why I refuse to have another surgery, I simply cant and wont go through this again.....
L3-4 3.2mm disc protrusions combined with facet and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy produces spinal canal narrowing and bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing.

L4-5 same as above

L5-S1 3.3mm disc protrusion and hypertrophy produces bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing.
A left pars defect is noted.
Posterior annular tear/fissure.

T12-L4 Schmors nodes

C3-4 4.5mm left paracentral disc protrusion that indents the spinal cord producing spinal canal narrowing and left neuroforaminal narrowing. There is impingement on the left C-4 exiting nerve root.

C4-5 3.6mm left paracentral disc protrusion that abuts the spinal cord producing spinal canal narrowing and left greater than right neuroforaminal narrowing. There is impingement on the left C-5 exiting nerve root.


In a way I think I got lucky. Work sent me to see my first surgeon and he didn't think he could help me so this was the doctor they sent me to so work didn't push a surgery. Well a few years later before the did my SCS they wanted to revisit the surgery option just in case something had changed. Saw first guy who though about doing a surgery but he wanted me to see his partner for a second option. He was the one that said only about 40% of back surgeries are successful and he said when I couldn't walk any more then he would be willing to touch my back. So I feel I got lucky to find surgeons that were more interested in helping me then collecting a pay check. Now maybe they just didn't have time to fit me in .and take work comps money.
So just don't be in a hurry to hop up on the surgery table and do your home work. maybe it will help and maybe it won't. It can be very hard to decide even with all the info you can get it can still be a gamble. My wife thinks I would be better off with a surgery now but I keep dealing with pain.

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