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Florida Attorney Fees
Just courious, if there is a flat rate for attorney fees...? What %..? and is or can there be additional fees beond the %...?
I'm in florida and I think they can charge what they want as long as it doesn't exceed 30%. For accidents after 1/1/94 Mine is taking 20% of the first 5,000, 15% of the second 5,000, then 10% of the remaining amount. For accidents before 1/1/94 its 25%,20%, and 15%.It says in any event the total attys fee cannot exceed 30%. I'm down in boca raton(palm beach county)with my atty out of pembroke pines(broward county).
Geese, I didnt think anyone was going to answer......lol...

I was in a debate with my wife, she has an uncle down there and was in a big wreck while working.. This was about 5 years ago that he settled but he claimed his attorney took 40% for his fees... I just didnt think that was legal but he still claims thats what it was...
In My state the fees awarded to lawyer as to be approved by the judge. There was also fee information in the paperwork I signed when retaining the law firm. He may want to check his orginal paperwork and see if anything is in there.
I live in CA, it's not always sunny... And the Workers Comp sucks! Smile

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