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May have messed up the neck again
Took a hard whack on the forehead today with the head snapping back.

Work on getting Christmas decorations out of the storage in the barn and the forehead connected with a beam.

Got a nasty bruise, already have a herniated disc at the level above the fusion and this did not help matters. Already feels like a little swelling in the back of the neck.

Is there anything I can do to head off future problems?
got your rice sock warm? Kathy just to be honest there are times when I turn my head just so and a headache starts,its a fact of life my friend we are broken and bruised and if we were fruit they would throw us away
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Got it on the neck. I pray this is nothing and the neck settles down. I already have an appointment with the primary in the morning. He is going to love this when I share the latest, already threatened to put me in a bubble.
Like most of us, You will have to be more conscious of your Injury.

I take the blood thinner Pradaxa; I am constantly scrapping my arms and my skin tears so easy. This all started 1 year ago after heart issues that is being put on Pradaxa. I bleed and bruise so easy. I HATE BLOOD THINNERS!

My wife is constantly reminded me about my "issues". I very seldom challenge my back issues but I wear my ass on my head when it comes to thinking about my issues with blood thinners. My arms always look terrible; bruised, cuts etc.


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