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Settlement conference Wed
Hi All,

Settlement conference Wednesday, first one....I won't be going since it will interfere with my work schedule and I can't take another day off. I also don't want my work place to know about my injury. I hired on not telling, I've passed probation but I just don't want any trouble.

Problem, attorney thinks we'll never settle because it's unlikely that my former employer will allow future medical. I think he's full of it because I originally settled with future medical in 2007.

My attorney has agreed to call me if they offer a settlement but I have told him this over and over again. If there is no future medical then just don't bother to call me. Don't piss me off, I don't want to hear any settlement offer that doesn't include future medical for a TKR.

My attorney wishes I had never found another job, it's less money in his pocket, can't get any extra money if I'm working. Well ptbbh, I needed a job, I wanted to work again in the medical field and I am. Sure it's not exactly the same field as before but it's darn close and there's a good chance I will be back in the operating room assisting again. If not then I like my job, wish it paid better but that's life and it helps pay the bills. There's just 4 of us in my department and we get along fabulously.

No where else in this world would I work with 3 other people in a department where we're all born-again Christians, right wing nut job conservatives, believe in freedom of speech and the right to carry arms.

I've found a small piece of heaven at my work place and I enjoy it.

Good luck Bodybuilder, I do hope you get the future medical. With a TKR future medical is a must, something I did not do.

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