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Wish me luck
Today is a very important day for Bummer Knees

The non-profit I volunteer with has agency allocation hearing before the local United Way Board of Directors.

This is where I, the board treasurer, and teacher her works with special needs children thru the non-profit's summer program present our budget to the UW Board and request funding for 2013 for our agency.

We are requesting funding for our summer program for the summer of 2013 so that we may serve special needs children in our community through tutoring and speech therapy 4 days a week. Last year the program served 100 special needs children.

I am able to do what I do on my good days and do much of the work from home and I have a number of volunteers who work along with me.

The grant for this program was written in September, so the hard work has been done. Today's presentation will be 15 minutes and then I am finished with what I do until 2013.

Today is a high pain days and not wanting to take any meds so I make sense for the presentation this afternoon.

Good luck Bummer, and I know what your saying about not wanting to take the meds today.....
You will do Great. Good Luck
I have all the faith in the world in you.You know what needs to be done and you will get er done
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Good luck!
Good luck Bummer. Also, check out a civic group in your area called Sertoma. They started in the Midwest. I belong to a Sarasota club. Our focus is speech and hearing for children. Our local club has run a speech therapy clinic for kids on need for over 30 years. You may be able to apply for grant money, as you are right in their wheelhouse.
Thank you everyone! Admin thank you for that information, I will check them out.

It is very rare for health insurance to pay for speech therapy for children, the local pediatrician I recently spoke with said not one patient he has referred for speech therapy has had health insurance pay for speech therapy.

Language and articulation development is a key part in a child's development.

The presentation was well received by the United Way Board of Directors. I feel confident we will receive the amount we are asking for.

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