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Now what?
The good news is hubby's back feels a whole lot better but now what? he may feel better but without any therapy or strength training he is not back up to par to go back to work and i do not know what to do stupid Dr may take him off restrictions and make him go back to work..

...Since my last update ( Good news and bad news.) we went to the ortho again and he got the injection for hubby's rt shoulder approved and he injected it on 10/3/12 that visit which was over a month ago now and that seemed to do the trick... they did not however give him any therapy for it just some exercises..and if he did have pain again they would not give another shot just have to go in and grind away some bone that was at the checkup on 11/08/12 ...what a bunch of crap...

then we went back to stupid dr ( his treating Dr) as i call him and he said he was sending hubby to another specialist for his back due to the other back specialist recommending injections for the pain ... so we went for the appt 10/10/12 and they also recommended the injections so they would call us when they were approved... well of course that took a while .. darn WC adjuster she is a B ...so in the mail the next day we get a notice to see a DD... i am thinking darn this b is pushing my last nerve ..we finally get the ball rolling and she stops it..

so we go to the DD on 10/17/12 and what do you know he does say that he does not see in the MRI any bulging like the specialist but that hubby defiantly needs more time and possibly the injections so he is putting hubby off work and agreeing with seeing the Dr that does the injections.. and that hubby is not at MMI and put that he might be ready to go back to work in 3 months ...since he had to put some kind of date on that form since they requested whether he was MMI and a possible end date...

so we wait and a week later we have the report from the DD and it pretty much says what he said and then i think about a week later we finally got the call to schedule the injections...yay..
Then we see stupid Dr again on the 10/31/12 and he says as soon as you actually get the injections call us so we can get you in for therapy ...well we got the injections on 11/13/12 he did good and the surgeon was nice and was at at nice facility in Dallas... in and out withing 2 hours no side effects...

hubby rested for a full day as per instructions of Dr.. and on 11/15/12 i called stupid dr's office to schedule therapy..well what do you know they tell me they do not have a Rx for therapy and that I have to call the Dr who did the injections to get them to send them to stupid Dr so they can get it approved...wtf.. now i am doing your job ...poo on you..

.so i call that Dr and tell someone on his staff that i was transferred to that i need a Rx sent to stupid Dr for therapy and he gets info and says OK i will get that in... well that was on 11/15/12 and we still have not heard anything ..BS ... well today 11/28/12 we go back to an appt at stupid DR's so what do you want to bet he asks .." how was therapy?" since he has no idea of what is ever going on ...

he can ask for a work hardening program.
some states provide for it.
some states allow a change of physician.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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