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Requesting prayers for my husband
Hi All,

As Bummer mentioned my husband hurt his back pretty bad last Friday. Actually the injury is over a month old he just finished doing it in. He wouldn't go see a doctor for a month even though I kept telling him that I felt like he had a ruptured disc in his back.

So let's go to last Friday, we were going to go camping, he drove our truck and RV to Pratt, Ks an hour from our home. He decided that he needed to move the generator on the back of our truck to a better location plus a few other things. Then he needed to drive from Pratt to pick me up at work over an hour away. He was in tears when I first saw him, couldn't straighten up, barely able to move because of the pain. I wanted to take him to the ER and he refused.

So I drove the truck to Pratt where he had a miserable night of no sleep. I took him to the ER the next morning, they gave him painpills and a shot for pain and told him to followup with our doctor on Monday. So Monday morning I called and got him an appointment. I went to work. BTW, his right foot was numb, had been since Saturday morning.

He waited 45 minutes to get to the back, another 15 minutes for the doctor. The doctor kind of looked, said he'd order an MRI and he left. An hour later my husband left the exam room and asked what was going on. Opps they forgot, another 30 minutes opps, by that time I was calling and I got him scheduled for an MRI for Tuesday.

So Tuesday btw doctor forgot to asked him about pain meds, that's another story. My husband was told yesterday that they would get the results of the MRI by this afternoon, that's a lie. Three to five days.

My husband is using my old walker from my TKR, it's the only way he can get aound, the numbness in his right leg has spread up to his knee. He can only pick up his feet 3 to 5 inches. I believe he has one or more ruptured discs in his back and one or more are putting pressure on his spinal cord. That's considered a case in need of emergency surgery.

I see our doctor tomorrow for a foot problem, folks it's going to get ugly. Sorry that this post was so long but this has gotten complicated. He might be home for quite some time, hubby doesn't handle pain that well.

Thanks in advance,
Sorry to hear about his injury. Sounds like he is not going to get over this without some good doctors. Hope he can find one and they can help. Sorry for a short response but I find myself messing up what I want to say more each day. I will keep you guys in my prayers
Have you both in my prayers. I'm sorry to hear this, especially when the docs may be closed til next Monday now. If he gets worse make him go to the er whether he likes it or not.

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