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retraining question
If WC decides to retrain somebody after an injury does the job they are training you for need to pay what you made before injury? If they can train you for a job that say makes $10 an hour and you made $20 before do they figure that into a settlement? Anybody give me an idea how that works? Also does the cost of living play into this at all? The injury was 7 years ago now
settlement negotiations are particular to your circumstances. generally a lawyer compares your situation including potential loss of future earnings to similar cases that have settled.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
We will see what happens. On SSDI and had been working since I was 14. Over all those years there was never a job I could do now with my injury so we will see what they decide. Have talked about the jobs SSDI has but they said I'm not able to and those are only 4 hours a few days a week. Maybe they know companies that will pay you even if you don't make it into work
Manley I am a Jayne of all trades with my Honey in the military every time he was moved to a new base I had to get a new job,I have done a little bit of everything but stuck mainly to food service I love to cook and it was easy for me to train on to back up chefs or to take over short order... or to wait tables....my last job was with the Salvation Army running their thrift shop....SSDI could find me nothing......I wish even now I could find something even for a couple of hours a day anything just to feel productive again.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I can so relate to being productive again... If it were not for Dominick to keep me busy in the mornings, I would go stir crazy.. I still to this day wish there was somthing profitable in our area thyat I could still do.. I would give almost anything to rewind the clocks to injury day and change what happend.. I hate knowing I was the money maker and now a piece of furniture thats all wore out..
Did some stuff yesterday and nothing was over anything for restrictions but I had to use my hands over my head for about 10 minutes total time. Paid for it with very little sleep over night because of the extra pain and the meds were no good. And today I'm in a lot more pain. People just don't understand we try to do a little something and we pay for it for days afterwards. Don't have a pain doc appt for a couple of weeks. I'm almost at the point to want to talk with another surgeon, only this time a specialist. Don't think work comp will want to pay for even the trip to see this guy let alone his fees. They keep farting around wanting to settle and it will be to the point when surgery will be an option for me. They said come back to see them when I can't walk and that day seems to be getting closer.

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