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How do I lift my permanent restrictions?
Any advice on how to try to negotiate getting the job without lifting my restrictions and not have the employer just withdraw his offer?
First I'd like to say I'm sorry if you got treatment that made you worse and if you didn't want it in the first place. WC has it's ways to make things bad and sad most of the time they are not your friend. You can be the best employee they have but once you are hurt that can change they way they look at you. Even if it nobody's fault. In my case I had filled out all the paper work about how unsafe they made the work area I had to be in to do my job. I even offered to fix the problem but was told to leave it a lone and they would take care of it when they decide what they wanted to do with it. Well a few weeks later I got hurt and it changed my life forever. Did it change the employers? He-- no they still to this day don't care, and that is why we are at 7 years and counting on getting settled. Some employers would spend millions just to not pay you a dollar.
Sorry for the long post but its good to vent from time to time. I'm not sure what to tell you with your job offer. It does sound like something that would be hard to pass up but if you even change your restrictions just to get the job it could cost you way more then you got out of it. I understand you will not need to do anything over those restrictions but it's tuff. Some employers will not hire somebody if they find out they have had a WC injury just because they think it happened to you once it will happen again. You are lucky they know you have had an injury and they still want to hire you but the reason they give is bull. Hope somebody else can help more then me on this one

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