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Not sure what to bill WC for
Hi, I'm in a union and was employed in Alaska (turns out the worst possible state for WC), I was injured on job 1.5 years ago. WC has actually been very good to me for the most part. Only one IME, always paid on time, and approved all operations including one almost never covered.

So I'm not a case of them messing with me. That said, even though they have paid on time, my loss's (just like anyone else) have been massive in comparrison to compensation.

One of those loss's in particular is this. Our employer payes 11.00 per hour to our retirement for every hour we work and 3.00 an hour to a "Lay Off Protection" fund for every hour we work.

On top of this, I was only 300 hours away from vesting in my retirement when injured, and the guy who took my place has worked full time sense injury covering well over 2000 hours, which would have more than vested me. As it stands right now due to my injury I will not vest because I am going to be retrained. So not only have I lost the contributions sense my injury, I will lose my pension that was built the 4 years prior. Valued at 1600 a month for life after 55 yrs old. Thats $288,000 if I live to 70...

So, on to my question. Assuming there is no way to claw back lost pension. I just have to start over, but is there a way for me to bill them for the lost contributions sense injury?

The employer willingly admits the position has been full time this whole time, so that means if I had not been injured there is 100% certainty I would have gotten that 11.00 an hour, and the 3.00 an hour for 40 hours a week this whole time.

Can I bill WC for that just like I do my expenses for travel to and from doc's? Just throw together a spread sheet and submit it as "Lost income"....

Thanks for the help...
After you are retrained will you be working for the same company. If you are working for the same co, I would think your pension and time with the co will continuer. You might need to speak to a workmans comp attorney, if you do not have one try to get one and discuss those questions with them.
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comp benefits are established by law.
workers comp does not replace future benefits that might be lost because of the injury.
in addition to temporary disability and medical benefits you may be entitled to permanent partial disability if you are left with permanent impairment.
these benefits are based on your rating.
more on comp benefits under Alaska law:

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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