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could this be nerve damage
Hi again, in florida. I've used my one doctor change already that I'm allowed. I've had pain mid spine all the way down, pain and numbness down left leg to knee for over a year now. Herniated and bulging discs in thorasic and lumbar. It took 9 months to get anterior fusion at l4-l5. Post surgery pain now on right side and butt, left leg pain is better, mid spine down still same pain. After sitting for 5 minutes its very hard to straighten out. 5 months after surgery finally got new mri, doc says fusion is good, other herniations are now bulging so they shouldn't be painfull. He says all pain is from muscles not being used. I can tell the difference between muscle and bone pain. Plus muscles don't hurt for over a year. Could this be some sort of nerve pain and how do they check for that. He's been trying to get rid of me since a month after surgery. Thank you.
are you walking? for me nerve pain burns if that is any help...I can walk but cannot stand still sound stupid I know but standing in line is torture for me but I can walk aways
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

The doctors can do a nerve conduction test to determine if you have nerve damage.

A neurologist has done mine, ask your doctor about it.
YES standing in one spot really hurts and that's when all the different pains happen at once. I told him after 1 year i still can't sit,stand, or lay down in one spot for long. I asked if it could be from the nerves being pinched for so long, he said not a chance, its definitely muscles! It sucks when you don't trust the people that are supposed to be helping you! But thanks, now i know what to ask for, and tell my atty too. Thanks again

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