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Workers Comp Advice Maryland
Hi all. Im new to the site, but have a workers comp issue.

I was injured 5/31/12. I injured my right shoulder. My MRI showed I have a few partial tears of my tendon. Ive done physical therapy 3 times a week since the accident. Ive had 1 cortisone injection. This last doctors appointment, and mind you this is the employers doctor, he has referred me for surgery. (Which on Wednesday, will be 2 weeks ago) When i saw the doctor, he said my corporate office had called him and asked him why didnt he perform surgery already, because I could have already been back to work. Although the insurance has been cooperative this whole time, I picked up a lawyer because I dont want to go through a surgery without one.

Up until today, my workers comp checks have been coming in the mail like clock work. All of a sudden, now that I have a lawyer, my check is not here.

My question is, could they have denied surgery and that be the reason I am not getting paid? Or are they just being a-holes because I hired a lawyer?

I have a lot of restrictions that prevent me from going back to work. I tried to go back limited duty under the advice from the doctor, if the job allowed it, but management will not let me back until some of the restrictions are lifted. The doctor will not lift my restrictions. So i am stuck, and right now, stuck with no checks.
there could be other reasons like no medical update after released to light work, belief you are at lite work,unknown wage information after you attempted to work, employer failure to inform them on your lite work status, etc.
you'll have to go thru your atty to find out why. after you become represented, they generally will no longer communicate with the client directly.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Thank you.
You need to call your attorney, and make sure they have a current release from work note from your doctor. They then fax it to the adjuster, and your money will start back up. This has to be done once every month in Md. Make sure when you go for your monthly appointment to the Doctor, they hand the note to you. I then email it to my attorney.

I personally faxed the last drs note i received (oct 17th) and the lawyer has a copy (given oct 22.) The last check i received was through the 17th, which was the date of my drs. Appointments. Im very thorough with making sure the appropriate parties have the forms within an hour after my appointments. Ive seen a workers comp nightmare, and Im doing everything I can to avoid it. Thank you for responding! Ive emailed my lawyer, and will try and get in touch Monday, I just dont know how thatll go with the hurricane coming!
Once I had an attorney on board my work comp checks went to him. My attorney took is 25% out of each check and then would cut me a check for the TTD.
Not in Md. you get paid directly. Lawyer gets paid the percentage out of a fund

Fire that lawyer, and hire an honest one
This is why the forum ask what state you are from.

Work comp laws are set by state legislation and differ in each state.
You cant just come on and tell someone to hire or fire a lawyer dusty...states are different in Kansas thats the rules for Bummer as was here in Okla for me only mine got 33 % but he was worth every penny of it.Every state is different thats why we ask for your state.And it can get even more sticky when you live in one state and get hurt in another and work in another....lots of rules.Would it be nice to have one comp system maybe if it was fair but right now some states are better than others.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thought it was clear when i put Maryland in the title, sorry for not stating it in the thread

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