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Pressure from the insurance adjuster
This is on the auto accident I was in August 13th.

Had the MRI of the thoracic spine and CT of the cervical spine.

NO changes with the cervical spine. The thoracic spine shows compression fractures that were not there a few years ago along with [problems with the disc)

The doctor diagnosis is traumatic myofacities, (spelling)

Two weeks ago I received a phone call from the insurance adjuster for the other driver. This person wanted to know if I was finished with treatment, or when I would be finished.

I explained to them I was in physical therapy for another month and at the end of that time would be evaluated with the doctor making a decision on treatment at that time.

Yesterday I received a phone call from the adjuster again wanting to know if I was finished with physical therapy and what the results were.
I explained to her I was still in physical therapy and next week I would be evaluated by the PT with the results going to the doctor.
The doctor would make a decision if I needed additional treatment.

The adjuster became upset and tried putting pressure on me to finish the treatment, then said she would call back next week.

When the mail cam yesterday I realized the hospital sent out the physical therapy bill in the mail as I received a copy of the statement sent to the insurance company, wonder if this has anything to do with the phone call.

I have meet with my work comp attorney also a personal injury attorney but have not hired him yet as up until now everything has been going smooth.

Also meeting with the billing department to review the medical bills. The accident I was in 07 the hospital filed a lien on the bills which lead to me having to hire an attorney to get the bills paid.

Hope not to go that direction this time.

Any advice on how to deal with this pushy adjuster.

tell him to quit pushing or you will hire a lawyer to push back
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Tell the adjuster that you just don't know. Also tell her that you will hire an attorney if she continues her harassment of you. Use those very words, accuse her of harassing you and that if the phone calls continue you will forward them to your attorney.

When you're done is between you and your doctor. Don't be pressured to stop treatment.

Thanks Jayne and BB.

I am trying to get thru this without an attorney but at my limit and will not take much more from the adjuster.

Thinking about recording the next phone call and playing it for my insurance agent who is also my neighbor.

BB you are correct it is harassment and if it continues the first phone call I make after talking to the adjuster will be an attorney.

I visited with the hospital per the medical bills today and the good thing in all this; the insurance company is paying the medical bills to date.
I received a pone call late yesterday afternoon from the adjuster for my auto insurance company.

The adjuster for the other driver ins co called the adjuster for my insurance company after she talked to me Thursday.

My adjuster left a message and wanted to know if I am still receiving medical treatment.

I already told the other insurance company I was till in treatment.

What is going on here?

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