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Motion's filed
Per my laywer after nearly 8 years we are getting close to settlement. I have some very valid concerns. The judge we have came in about 6-7 years after my case started, the other retired. This case is so complicated, & i am sure the new Judge does not understand much of it from just the notes. My lawyer has relocated to another state, yet is coming to NJ when needed to finish this case. The original Judge had ordered a psychiatric evaluation, at my request due to depression, and PTSD. The IC notified the doctor's office the day before my appointment they would not pay if I was seen by the psychiatrist, and that I was non compliant with my medications? I asked the doctor to send me a letter stating why they cancelled my appointment, she did it said just what I was told. My lawyer was made aware several time. he did nothing? The IC sent me to a psychologist when I was evaluated for a morphine pain pump, & they do this as protocol, yet I had refused the pump due to the complications. The IC has sent me to numerous doc all looking for the same thing, a reason to say I am not compliant, never happened. Does the IC have the right to send someone to the same type of doctors for the same evaluation, without getting approval from the courts?
Second part of the question, my attorney emailed me blank motion form telling me to put down what I wanted, yet warning me I had better have everything I need to back up my request, and not to say anything about what the IC had or had not not done, the Judge did not care. For whatever reason this lawyer has always made me feel that I was defending myself to him? Anyone else ever have to do this?
yes. either party can get an opinion at their own expense at any time.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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