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Todd needs extra prayers
so sorry Kathy more stress is the last thing you all need lots of prayers going up for you all....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

One of the drugs my nephew is on is oxycotin, one of the medications I am taking and my nephew knows I take pain meds.

So now I am trying how to store my medication so they are safe.
does your honey have a gun safe,my meds except for a weeks worth are kept at a friends house in their safe
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I do have a regular safe in my house for documents. It is just so full of insurance papers and other documents

Yes he has a gun safe made of steel, which I know nothing about.

I do not have a not of meds, muscle relaxers, loratab which I am not taking right now, and oxy.

But Cody takes nacortics for his seizures & ADHD

So that likely places us at risk..

When I did foster care the agency would pass a plastic tool box with a lock on it as being safe with the Dept of Health & Enviroment. That would be to easy for a drug user to break into.
yes Kathy it is,use your honeys gun safe as the guns would also be something he would want,all our guns are in a floor to ceiling bolted gun safe any one wanted them they would have to tear up the room to get them out by the time they did that ADT would be here.My meds are kept at another house because I have recouring bouts of depression its just safer to keep most of the heavy duty meds somewhere else.My kids are all taught gun safety but its just safer to keep all things like that locked away.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I to keep mine in a lock safe.. When I first came home I spent 3 weeks at my mothers so my wife had help taking care of me.. I had nephews that lived down the road and started taking my meds.. Once we figured out who it was he wasnt allowed back in her home... Since then I keep mine locked up day to day... And I keep my daily meds on me at all times, I can not afford to replace them so I dont take that chance.. And it is just all around safer for Dominick...
I have started looking into a lock box/safe big enough to keep some important documents (med record on USB flash drive, all copies of MRI's/X-rays/EMG/NCS etc, birth certs/marriage licenses/divorce decrees), as well as all my meds in, as I have so many that I have to take and as of yesterday, I got a new one added for break through pain as what I am taking wasn't doing the trick any longer and my PM Dr won't increase the doseage of what he has me taking.

Took a nasty fall on the hardwood floor in our dining room the 22nd of this month. Laid on the floor for almost 20 minutes before Randy got up to get ready for work and found me. Had to get Nate up to help me up. And for this wonderful trick I received a hairline fracture in the pedicle of the L-3 disc and just got home from having an MRI done on my left knee as I may have torn up the ligaments in it (ER doc said it was a "sprain/strain"). I am beginning to think that is the go to diagnosis when Dr's don't want to order any more tests. Have been wearing a knee stabilizer for a week. Sure is a fancy addition to my limited wardrobe Smile Next Monday I see the ortho Dr that did the ulnar deviation surgery on my left arm in June as I screwed it up big time. I was finally getting normal feeling back into my fingers/palm of hand and now the numbness/tingling/pain goes from tips of index/ring finger/ pinky, over half of my palm, into my wrist and up my arm into my armpit. I wasn't due to see him for another 3 weeks for my 5 month follow-up after surgery but figured I had better be seen sooner than later.

Now you know why momma nicknamed me "Grace". I only fell about 2 feet when I bent over to pet one of my rugrats and the chair I was in went one way and I went the other.

I do have another special prayer request though.

I have a very dear friend who's son was injured in Afghanistan while serving in the Army. Josh came home with a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD. He recently met a young girl who he fell in love with and was going to ask to marry him. She was living in the family home with her uncle and 15 month old son, and in April of this year had just lost her mother.

Friday night we were under a frost warning so she filled up her little woodburning stove to keep the house warm for her son. Somehow, the stove caught the house on fire and everyone including Josh, were originally able to get out of the house by breaking out windows. For some reason, the girl thought her baby was still in the house and went running back in and was overcome by the smoke and died in the fire. She left behind her 15 month old son, Josh (he was going to get her ring with his disability check this month and ask her to marry him on Thanksgiving) several siblings, her father and many other's. She was only 25 years old. This has totally torn Josh up and set off his PTSD which he had under control and was doing so good with. Now, he can't even be left alone at night when he is asleep for fear he will do something while sleep walking.

If you could say a prayer for Josh and his family, as well as Jessica and the family she left behind. I know this has to be hard on her family, as this is the 2nd family member they will be burying in less than 6 months.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
Angel I have added Josh to my prayer list, how awful for the family and Josh.

Girl you take care of yourself. Canes are good for something and do help with stability.

A good friend of mine, the injured nurse I talk about on this forum took a nasty fall, she wasn't using her cane.

She will have shoulder surgery tomorrow, and neck surgery from the back and front once the shoulder heals.
We sure have a long and varied prayer list I do believe we may need a prayer thread so those of us(me) can read it and go right into prayer.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I am also saying prayers for those in this thread who need them. I am so sorry to hear all this bad news Sad I am thinking of you all and praying as well.

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