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My job interview yesterday
Well, it went well, the first person I saw first entering the floor was someone I trained to assist in c-sections. She noticed me right off the bat and asked me why I was at the hospital.

I talked with the manager and I think it went well. But I know this hospital chain quite well and they're a bit quirky.

Went for a walk around the unit, I saw a doctor who knew me by my first name. I knew him thru out his entire residency at the hospital where he trained. He told the manager to hire me on the spot.

We walked a bit more, I asked her alot of questions. She was impressed by what I knew of the hospital system as it applied to labor and delivery. I have a good memory and know how to use it and then I ran into someone else I knew. Someone from my college class, now an RN, she recognized me but couldn't remember my name but I knew her's. The minute she heard my voice she remembered. Her words..."We both had a 4.0 GPA thru out college but Joan was top student each and every semester".

Well we'll see about the job, God has a reason. We will see, my husband told me to see if my current manager would match the hourly wage that I would be offered. Well..., no, I'd be making more per hour than they would pay a graduate RN.

But even if I stay where I am I like people I work with. Learn new things each and every day and who knows, I might win the lottery tomorrow morning.

Good luck girl!!

When will you find out if you get the job?

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