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Had a long talk with Red
Had a nice long talk with Red yesterday and boy howdy did she sound good. To make a long story short her ex husband husband Del had been very abusive towards her for many years and she had divorced him but had not got out from under his mental abuse she married a old friend but Del was able with the help of friends and some church members to talk her into divorcing Tom and remarring him he had her out to himself and nearly killed her.we are so lucky to have our sister Red still with us,she was able to divorce him and remarry Tom and is so happy today.
Anyone who thinks God expects a woman or man for that matter to stay married to a person who beats them doesnt read their Bible very well.God never condones beatings ever....Any man of God that thinks its okay to beat your wife hasnt read a Bible either.
Bill and I have been married over 40 years and he has never raised a hand to me in anger.We have had fusses dont get me wrong but I have never been afraid of him ever.
And we need another get together she did say she had bought a truck and 5th wheel and loved to camp in it sooooooooooo we need to plan one.
Anyhow I did ask her to please come back cuz we all love her to pieces. you all if you see her on FB send her some love Ok
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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