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long story- attorney suggests proposing settlement before qme

I also have an injury to both arms and hands which limits what I can do with them. Simple things like sweeping the floor, grocery shopping, and sorting papers causes high pain days.

Please do not agree to close your medical after settlement!
I closed the medical after settlement on my knee injury only to find I am unable to get health insurance to cover the left knee due to it being a work comp injury and receiving a settlement.

If your condition is getting worse you need to contact your attorney and request to be sent to a medical doctor for an re-evaluation.
(10-05-2012, 05:45 PM)AQA Wrote: Just my two sence.

I would never start the negotiation process. I would wait for the IC to start.

Further more, I would question why you are being advised to make the fist offer and to make it without a qme???? HHHHMMMMM???????
Just another 2 sense....AMEN AQA...Never make an offer to the IC. You need a lawyer if this case is still unresolved.

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