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Is Romney finished?
Glad to be back after Vacation "abroad". LOL We went to Orlando with our 2 daughters and Grand children.

"Most" of the media is biased big time towards President Obama. After the last video serviced, Most Liberals and some Republicans have said Romney is finished.

Romney made a big error with this speech that President Jimmy Carters son turned in to a severe left wing source BUT Romney will be a fool if he apologizes because within reason, we have become a entitlement nation.

As stated in the past, I am a Blue Dog Democrat but I do not support President Obama. We are 16 trillion in debt; We have been above 8% unemployment for over 3 years and our economy suffers.

Romney is a moderate IMO. He has to get aggressive and attack President Obama record big time.

I believe it will take a miracle for Romney to beat Hollywood Obama. Besides his Charisma, He would not be ahead in the polls.
he isnt finished it would take more that a cervical headache to keep me from voting for him or anyone running agaisnt Obama.He didnt say anything that wasnt the truth.If the truth hurts him we are all in trouble.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

It was not true totally. Many Retired Senior Citizens on Social Security pay No Income Tax;
A couple with two children earning less than $26,400 will pay no federal income tax.

Many going thru financial difficulties due to the job market are not paying tax's but hopefully short term.

Should everyone be required to pay Federal Tax's no matter what there financial state is?

Should loop holes be closed to keep high Income workers from so many tax shelters?

Now, I know MANY are dead beats who believe that they deserve entitlements from the Fed Gov. and have no intentions of working. but it is not 47%.

Governor Romney should have been more precise in his talking about the 47% IMO.

Now I firmly believe that most of the media is so pro Obama till it is sickening.
that they are....Romney better get hisself together and get talking and watch his back cuz he has no friends in his circle that cant be bought with money and 15 minutes of fame
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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