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Motorcycle wreck
Hi, I found this forum in a search for answers on my strength loss after a wreck this last week.
I guess I should start from the top. I was riding my 1950 Harley home from work wed evening and was cut off by a distracted driver. I hit the front of her truck at about 35mph. I'm been riding all my life so I know to not take a hit head on if it can be avoided so I managed to slide the bike sideways before impact.
Just for an idea of how hard I hit, my front wheel busted her tie rods on the front of a Dodge Durango. There is a pretty clear imprint of my body on her fender.
I got up and walked away from it. No loss of consciousness, no broken bones, only one visible bruise (around a little roadrash) where her tire ground into my leg, and one deep gash in my left arm that is missing a little meat.
My problem is that I have probably less than 10% of the strength I had before the crash now. I took a day off from work, but since I am part owner as well as the only trained mechanic at my shop, I have to be there. I went in on Friday to attempt to do my job to find out that I just simply do not have the physical strength it takes to do my job. So I called up a friend and hired him as a mechanic for me.
My question is how long can I expect to be weak after this wreck? Even the coffee cup sitting next to this computer right now feels like it is 5lbs! I can't control my hands the way that I was able to before, I'm constantly dropping things and typing is a real pain since my fingers seem to want to hit the buttons in the wrong order. I have to go back and correct everything for even the simplest of job orders and messages.
Hope for some type of advice, thanks in advance,
sounds like some nerve damage. get it checked out before you loose motor control at a critical time and endanger yourself or others,
this is not a medical website.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Like 1171 stated, this is not a medical advise website... If it were me I would ask for a mri/ct scan of shoulders/neck.. It does sound like nerve damage or could be a torn rotor cup, any pain in your neck and shoulders....?
There's no way to know how long this would last, since there are many things it could be.

Go to a doctor and get checked out urgently.

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