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Prayers For Bummer
As we all start our busy day, lets take a moment out to say a short prayer for Bummer Knees and that everything goes right with her surgery today. Ask the Lord to guide her surgeons' hand and eyes so that no mistakes are made and that Bummer is soon on the road to recovery.

I am one of the few lucky folks that have had the privilege to meet Bummer in person, and she is truly a very special lady. When someone says they would give you the shirt off of thier backs if you needed it more than they did, she is one that would do it. Yes, she is very stubborn and outspoken when need be... but one could not ask for a better friend and ally than Bummer.

So let's all keep her in our thoughts and our prayers today.


Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
I also have met this great lady and she has my prayers always
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

What a day, surgery was scheduled at 8:00 but did not go in until after 12:00.

Had a pain block but wore off while in recovery. W given morphine shot but did not hep, was given peracet. Pain level stayed a nine, blood pressure was thru the roof. Pain remained a 9.

Was given Tramadol, oxygen started dropping down to 70. Was given oxygen and stayed on oxygen all day. Surgeon and anesthesia consulted thru the day. Given more meds thru the day.

Was stable enough to go home by 5:00.
I hope today finds your pain has lessened. Sounds like you had a real rough time of it. GOtcha in my prayers. YOu take it easy and dont be over doing it.
thanks monster.

I went home with a machine yesterday for blood clots. The leg which had the knee replacement now has circulation problems.

A specialist checked me yesterday and did not lips what they saw.

I went home with a machine to wrap my legs and connect to. I have to use this machine for 7 days.

pain is a little easier to take today.

Now I am afraid with the complications I exerienced, the next hand surgery wil have to be done in the hospital
You need to kick back in your recliner, on the couch or in your bed and let those two males in your house do for you now.

I know.. I'm one to be talking.

But with the circulation problems, you need to stay off your leg and let the machine do what it is supposed to do and you need to relax and keep your blood pressure down.

I had my transposition in a small hospital.. not a bad idea with all the other issues you have with your health. If something serious were to happen, you wouldn't have to be transported via ambulance to a hospital and life saving procedures, if needed, could be started immediately instead of waiting vital time for the transport to take place.

Take it easy and let your body recover from the surgery. With it being the weekend, let your guys wait on you hand and foot.

Prayers being said still for a healthy and fast recovery for you.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
That is what I am worried about Becky

The doctor will now wAnt to do impatient

This was a simple procedure. Next one will be more complicated
Bummer glad to see the pain is decreasing.. When your talking about the machine, is it the calf cuffs that an air pump controls the cuffs....? Somthing to talk to the dr would be an IVC filter, I had one placed in my abdomin when I had dvt's in both leg.. My problem was I wasnt able to be active enough so I was on blood thinners as well.. Just be carefull.. They had told me to do ankle pumps to help keep more from forming... After my latest surgery for the infection I had they were giving me morphine, 3 to 4 injections at a time... I cant imagine the tramadol help much.............?

My prayers are with ya......be safe and rest..
Yes Bronco the machine is the cuff type with the pumps. It is a pain to use as I can't put on the cuffs myself.

This surgery was the first time I have experienced problems after surgery.

Surgery was to have bee at 8:00 am, I was not taken to surgery until noon. The block was given at least 2-3 hours before surgery. I believe the block was starting to wear off in recovery.

Never had to stay on oxygen before after surgery, every time the nurse tried to remove the oxygen yesterday it would drop to 70. I was given meds to help with the oxygen lrvel and keep it up.
I find myself very congested today and have had several asthma attacks.

The circulation problems do not surprise. This started after the tkr with the family doctor informing me I am at risk for blood clots and to pay attention to the leg. An IME doctor with work comp is the first one to identify the risk fir blood clots.

Long as I take the meds on schedule I can deal with the pain.

But you know Bummer I do not like to take any meds!

When I was in hospital from the MVA, I can remember comming out of my coma... I do however believe I was somewhat cohierant/ spelling, I was always thinking it was our dog scooby laying at the foot of my bed.......lol.. But once I was awake I yelled at my dad to be quiet 4 he was going to wake the dogs... It was a day or 2 before I realized they were pumps.....lol.. Even though they used the machine on me I still developed the dvt's from being bed ridden... I stress this because unless your on blood thinners, because we are not active like we once were, you are a prime canidate for clots... Thats why they put in the IVC to break the clots up enough to pass through the lungs/heart......

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