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Can AA or IW call MSA provider
Thank you. 11 years in this system is a very long time. Its hard to be patient when you are relying on this money to help resolve two herniated disks in neck and two wrists that fall asleep during the night that are extremely painful. The longer this waits, the longer Im in pain with no resolution. You can see my motivation to get this done to find some kind of relief. IMHO, the DA has the MSA, is playing games by telling the AA that he is still waiting on the MSA. It was done in July, is on his desk. He has no motivation to move this forward. So he will continue to tell the AA for many more months that he is waiting for the MSA to avoid this C&R to complete this case. Why should he move this forward, there are no consequences for inaction.
Your attorney could always file a DOR in order to get a status conference so opposing counsel's hand would be forced a bit. That might provide some enlightenment as to just what is going on...
I have requested last month to do just that, to get a DOR together and get this case moving. The AA stated that this wont move things along, we just have to wait for the DA to perform his job. She will call and wait for a response back from the DA. A Status Conferance does not have the Judge make decisions, so this wont move this along. We already had a MSC in April 2012. I between a rock and a hard place. The DA does not have to perform a C&R, can tell my AA for years that he is waiting for the MSA, that was performed in July 2012. Since there is limited fees, there is not motivation to move this case forward. They are working on higher fee cases, which is understandable. Either side is interested in closure, only the IW.

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