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good news and bad news
Well since my last post we did have to go to the RME on 8/23. It was sent to w/c because we did not agree to it with the I/C and that would be the good news, because the Dr hubby was sent to actually said and put in the report that he recommended that he be seen by a specialist for his back and a specialist for his shoulder. Yay... no mri's though unless one of them wants them. At least he mentioned the right shoulder and who knows if that will get taken care of now or not.

The bad news is that we did go see another Dr 8/03 that was recommended by a couple of people on here and we really liked him. We filled out all the paperwork including the change of Dr form and they said that we should know in 10-14 w/days. Well apparently hubby spoke with dr. L two days later but did not know exactly what he was saying about it and when i asked what was said he could not tell me. so i called Dr L back only to find out he would have to call me back. well he never did and i got really busy dealing with my mom's health probs to remember to call him back.

Well i called back today figuring that i should just call and see what was going on .. The lady that i spoke to said that hubby would have to get a release from stupid Dr so that the new Dr was not stepping on his toes and that they at the new Dr actually worked with the stupid Dr by seeing some patients for certain treatments.

Oh great i am thinking so i also found out that i was waiting all this time for some kind of paper work to show up as to whether or not it was approved but that they had not submitted the stupid form was because of the above mentioned, They wanted the release from stupid Dr first then they would send in the form..uh i told her don't think so because the if stupid dr wanted to be crappy he could mess things up and hurt my hubby's care and get things denied all before we new if the change was approved..and then where would we be.

So here we are... the back specialist called and left message to call to schedule and appt today...called them back and had to leave a msg to call me back.. tag they are it...
and while i am typing the other Dr for the shoulder has left a MSG to call for an appt but the msg said it was a referral from the dr not from the I/C like other Dr office MSG ... i am on hold with them right now to see what is going on .....4:14......................................well i sat on the phone until 4:50 then i had to leave for work..only to work 30 min because of the computers going down... and still not able to talk to them and make appt... well i will try again in the morning..
So still no MRI on his shoulder? My husband complained about his shoulder from the day of his accident. No one would do anything. They had done a xray but they said it didn't show anything they kept putting it off. Finally his ankle surgeon ordered one. The IC was having a different Dr take over the care of his ankle and the Dr was furious. There was a lot of yelling back and forth between them. This Dr ordered the MRI since he was still his Dr for that visit and everything else they hadn't done that he needed. That MRI found all the damage and the broken bones 2 months later. It was our understanding that if the Dr wrote a script for something it was to be done. This Dr wrote scripts for all he needed That day that hadn't been done. I know laws are different for each state so you'll need to double check. I'm not sure if just making notes or recommending something is different than it actually written on a script like a prescription for Meds. Its worth a try to check on it.

Good luck. As wife of injured worker too, it frustrating!
Thanks Ammowoman ... this has been a monkey on my back for sure... if you read any of my other posts then you would see the same thing for both our hubbys ... i really do not like this dr that unfortunately i picked but i guess unless i find another one local that i can change to that we like we are kinda stuck... the last one fell through.

But there is more good news at least i actually got calls the next morning from both of the specialists... the back dr had already mentioned speaking with the I/C lady on the msg so i knew that that was approved and we made an appt for 9/20 and then about an hour later the orthopedic DR for his shoulder called back to set an appt and before i made an appt i asked if they had gotten approval from the I/C because of them denying everything but his back and she said yes we spoke to your case manager with the I/C yesterday and she approved it...

I about did flips i was so stunned and happy and felt that monkey jump off my back ....ye haw ..

so that appt is actually the 13th so hopefully he is not like stupid Dr and will do everything possible for hubby..

the only down side is that both of these dr's are based in Dallas and or Richardson and are only semi closer on Thursday's and only in the early am.. one actually uses stupid dr's 2nd office which is about 20 min away from us and the other dr's 2nd office is about 25-35 min away. Early AM is problematic in that hubby does not have a reg sleeping pattern and may have to just stay awake when he is usually finally ready and able to sleep..

..and i hate that .. one because with my part time job( all that was hiring) that is one of the only two days a week i work ..and 2 because that means i may have to stay awake since i don't sleep normal most of the time either....Murphy's law working as usual ... couldn't be another day not when it happens to something involving me....

I will post again once we get out of the orthopedic dr's visit ... thanks again and good luck to you too... we have to stick together and help one another ..whether a shoulder an ear or a helpful tip..
Well this time it is just good news at least for now. We actually have now gone to both of the specialists. The ortho was on the 9/13 he was quick but def understands WC he checked out hubby's rt shoulder and arm and determined that there is something wrong ... so he ordered an MRI and said he was also going to go ahead and order pt and pain meds for the pt and also gave hubby a steroid anti inflammatory med to reduce any swelling in the joints and muscles..

on the 14th got call from imaging place for appt , set for the 19th.
we went on the 19th for the MRI ... yeah ... and apparently the doc put a rush on it so they would have it same day... so glad that is done.

now on the 20th we went to the back specialist ... that was a pain, sat in traffic due to a wreck on I-35 for about 35 min.. then when we get to the dr's office we are informed he has ordered x-rays..cool they do it there so no prob ... we fill out the paperwork (ugh) and within about 10 min they take him for x-rays... this is the fun part our appt was at 1pm we did not get out of waiting room until 1:35 and then we sat in the exam room waiting until 2:30 and i was getting a little pissed... i think the prob was that the girl sitting up front had not finished entering the info for the work comp because before we got to go to the exam room the other lady working in the front asked her if she had done it yet and she had said no....
the reason i say this is because we got taken back along with another couple that had a 1:15 appt and the Dr went to their room before us (we could almost hear every thing that they were saying the walls were so thin) and to top that off we could hear the Dr just outside our door after he was done with them talking to his nurse and they were complaining about one of the girls up front... this was about 10 min of the time we were still in the room waiting for him...

well he finally comes in and i know y'all get this too ,,he asks what hurts.. how did ya hurt it and blah blah blah ,,, i swear why do we fill out paperwork if they are not even going to scan over it ? especially since it is a referral and the records can be sent over once the appt is made... anyway he does his little exam and says he is going to order an MRI .. yeah that is what we wanted to hear...

and if that was not bad enough just going to this dr's office in Keller that is 40 min away (i know it's not as far as some of you travel) but with the hwy you have to take being a crap shoot if you make it on time .. even if you leave an hour of leeway .. his office schedules the MRI even further out in Decatur,,, granted i did not know this until i returned their call about making the appt and that place said his office does this all the time.. so i had to call his nurse back and she is so not happy and i ask if they have another place somewhere closer to us and she just says no i don;t know of one near there .. but if you know of one we can send the Rx there ..so i say OK i will call you back ...took me 5 min on computer and found a place 8 min from our house and then called her back with the phone and fax number.. still not a pleasant person...

so that was Friday .. so hopefully Monday we will get a call from that imaging place so we can make the appt for his back MRI .. and hopefully we will hear from the ortho about the MRI on his shoulder and have an appt coming up for that.. i just hope it will be before his next appt with stupid Dr on the 10th of Oct.

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