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I'll pay for it tomorrow
Saying a special prayer for you Becky.
Saying a special prayer for you Becky.
Horrible when the mind says do it and the body later on tells you it truly was stupid to attempt such a thing. I wish we all had the money to hire others to do the work. The EPA is threatening Ks with making us do annual inspections again, Ks used to do it but it was too expensive and not enough people complied. Then there are the thousands who just buy the permit. Sure there are alot of cars in my area which should of been put up on blocks years ago. True they do tell us about alot of different problems we may not of even been aware of but are they really necessary? Just another pain in the ass Federal BS that rubs us the wrong way that makes us spend money we may not even have. Then jump thru hoops like you did my friend to get the stuff done. Hope you didn't pay for it the next day.
(09-02-2012, 12:00 AM)AQA Wrote: Nothing wrong with donating plasma. I am sure he does not like having to go that route. Every now and then I do when I need the extra gas money for school. As you know, SSDI is not the best (financial) employer.

Nope... not a thing wrong with donating plasma. I used to do it three times a week when I lived in Vegas and things got ruff. Up to the time they tested my blood one day and told me I couldn't donate that day (I'd used my last $1.25 to ride the bus 2 hours to get there and no way to get home) but they gave me $5 for at least trying and told me to come back in a week and try again. So I did. Again something was wrong with my blood and they told me I would never be able to donate again. What really peeved me though, is that they wouldn't tell me what was wrong with my blood that kept me from donating.

Now, because of the different surgeries and medications that I am on, I am once again being told that I can't donate.

Nate doesn't mind the donating... he is just like me. Hates having needles put in his arm. Don't mind seeing others getting it done, but have to turn my head away when they draw blood from me.

Angel ^j^

(09-02-2012, 02:49 AM)bronco54501 Wrote: UA, Here in our area is hard to get a job at 18 as well... Summer is the only chance here when your that young, unless you work fast food.. That is one of the main reasons my son moved to montana, for some reason they are crying for good workers.. He had a job the second day he was there, never even had a chance to explore.....lol...he started the next day... I mis him dearly but I hope it works out for him..

It is a high pain night for me toninght, Trying to play on fb watching Lizard Lick towing, trying to get my mind off it... I think I have had a total of 6hrs in the last 2 days for sleep... Its the weather shifting, low 80's and drops off into the mid 40's... I think its going to be an early winter this year.....

Looks like Nate's job came to an end today. Tomorrow is the last day the park will be open (it's seasonal.... basically open during the summer school break). With it being seasonal and part time, the city doesn't even have to pay minimum wage.... so he was only getting $5.35 an hour standing in the sun basically his whole shift (icee hut was the only food stand not totally enclosed with A/C) and no place for him to sit when it was slow. When he first started, he was lucky to get 2 days a week as there were so many employees. By the end of June, he was working 5 to 6 days a week as so many had quit. By the beginning of August he was working up to 14 days in a row before getting 1 day off. He is one of the few food workers to stay the entire summer and work every shift they asked him too. He even took 2 days one week where he covered for an employee that had a "family emergency". Yet the 2nd day he covered for him... he was at the park swimming during what should have been his shift.

He's going to spend tomorrow filling out applications online (so many employers have gone to online apps now days) and there are 2 that he actually prints out and gets to take in ... in person. Until he gets another job, he will go to DCI and donate the 2 days a week they allow. I'm sure that he will find something sooner or later.

Sorry to hear that the weather has got you hurting too. It's so darned hard to keep the pain from affecting those around you when it hits a certain point... and when lack of sleep comes into the mix. All I want at that point is to be left the hell alone to do what ever I want.Whether it be play on the computer, lay on the couch and watch boob tube or just stare at the ceiling. But 99% of the time, I have to end up doing for others and my wants and needs are once more pushed to the back burner. Although, I would love to see some of your weather. We are still hitting 100 or higher every day and our lows are only getting down to low 70's. I've gotten to where I quit watching the weather as it is the same thing day after day.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
UA, Oh I can so relate to that.... I dont get much of ( my time ) And my normal day is getting up with Dom around 6 to 6.30 every morning.. Getting out of bed is a chore all by itself let alone wondering if the cramping in the leg is going to stop me from walking.. I try to not take my pain meds just so Im alert for dom, but once the wife is 30 min from home I medicate.......lol.. But when my pain kicks in the worse it seems someone wants me to go do somthing, when all I want to do is be alone in a quiet state of mind... My oldest is the worst when it comes to my need for alone time, since he has been gone I can keep peace with my self and others, but that dont mean I dont mis him dearly... We all need our space to deal with our pain.....

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