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(08-25-2012, 03:00 AM)bronco54501 Wrote: Yesterday was priceless, dominick has a habit as soon as he is up to make a dash for the first gate.. Which he has been able to manuver, but to his surprise this one is much taller......lol... He acted like someone took his birthday away and started to shake the gate... Needless to say he didnt get through and gave up trying....... I re drilled the brackets on crib and theres is no way to get it lower than 2 inches from floor... He still manages to pull himself up and throw his leg over.. I have to come up with somthing different, like a top for the crib.....time to start searching.......

Bronco with our oldest we finally put the mattress on the floor and built slats all the way down. But we added a gate to the the front so we could let him out. But within 2 weeks he learned how to open the latch to get out. So we installed a bell that he could ring when he wanted out, it became a game at all hours so we put the bell on a timer. This lasted about 3 months until we finally just bought him a bed and he loved it so much he wanted to stay in bed all the time.

So my friend, has Dominick added thousands of gray hairs to your head?
When it comes to kids I have a ton of patients, but thats not saying I dont have a few extra gray hairs with this one.. He is a great kid but he is such a daredevil and his wheels are always turning.......lol. Right now he is eating apple cinnamon puffs, eats a little and takes a handfull to find bronco and buster... No doubt in my mind he has 2 very close friends and there around as soon as he eats...lol.

As far as the crib goes, we have found out if he can reach any edge he can escape.. His crib does turn into a bed and were thinking thats what we are going to have to do.. After his recent discoveries, we are now re-baby proofing..

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