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Things just get better and better
Well, I went to one of my two doctors last week and we are going to try and get the authorization for the spinal cord stimulator. So far I have had a tennis elbow and carpal tunnel surgery for getting hurt on the job (law enforcement) in one arm. I had my fourth IME (here in NY) in June and even he said that there is nothing left that could be done following my physical therapy but the spinal column stimulator is still a consideration if the therapy fails. Well the therapist is going to discharge me as it is not working and the surgeon is not going to ask for more therapy. The stimulator has been denied three times before but my workers comp attorney said that we are going to try again and if they deny it then we will press them in a hearing. Either way there isn't much left they can do for me and the two year anniversary of the injury is coming up in four months. Not sure what to expect.

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