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My MSA Woes.....
I really thought my Medicare Set A Side was "very" adequate and it was when the MSA proposal was done. My Attorney and I checked and double checked but.......

The Pain Management Clinic I go to monthly has me Drug Tested 4X a year where in 2009 it was 1x a year. The problem is they now charge $711 dollars every single Drug Test! The cost of this "one cup" Urine screening looking at 10 units is ridiculous.

$711 dollars to pee in a cup to see if my Fentantyl patch is in my pee? Test me for 10 different drugs?

My MSA was setup for $250 a year for Drug Screening; Now it is $2844 a year for 4 pee test. These test are not done randomly anymore and they use to be. It is every 3 months like clock work! I get the results before I leave the clinic!

WC "low balling" a MSA is ripping off Medicare because Medicare will have to take up the yearly shortfall BUT Medicare approved......

It is riidiculous. Medicare gets approx. $103 dollars for this test diagnostic code G0431. WC uses diagnostic code 80101 which is $65 dollars per unit!

I talked to Louisianan WC about this big difference and they just basically said nothing.

This is a prime reason of our Health Care OUT OF CONTROL!
Hi, I'm new to this forum. Several other IWs have been complaining about this very same issue. MSA shortfalls because of miscalculated UA cost increase. 65 dollars x 10 units = 650.00 dollars 3 or 4 times per year. Most only calculated 65 dollars assuming 1 unit. This is ridiculous. I wonder if the new regulations (state) over pain med prescriptions has caused this complication.
Found this Article about Spiraling Cost of Urine Drug Screening;Sad



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