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Pics from MRI
delete please thanks billy
My pics of my mri's are not that dark of them levels... You have showed us 2 pics in a series of about 200, to decifer just by looking at them 2 has my hands in the air and I couldnt even guess..
delete please thanks billy

It doesn't look like the disc is protruding, at least not much anyway. Honestly, neither of those images is ideal, but as far as I can see, the nerve roots are not impinged, which is good.

As for the sparkly bits, i wouldn't be too worried. I grabbed a copy of Netter's Concise Orthopedic Anatomy and those sparkles were on that one as well. Probably just calcifications.

A sagittal (side) view would help, of course, the entire MRI would help more, but that's probably not going to happen. My advise: see what the doctor says and call the facility in the morning to request the report.
delete please thanks billy

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