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Sick with Cricopharyngeal spasms
I have had trouble breathing properly over 2 weeks. I had a upper GI, A Barium swallowing test; My Esophagus was stretched but my issues continued. My swallowing test came back neg.
Before all this, I went to the emergency room. I had major trouble swallowing my saliva. Finally, I went to my regular Doctor and he said he has seen this several times before; I was diagnosed with Cricopharyngeal spasms.

Has anyone had this before? I am currently taking Ativan to reduce the stress and Anxiety attacks. When you cannot breathe, You Panic at least I do.

I have lost 8 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I feel I am doing a little better but this will eventually go away. I ask for prayer for total healing. This is very stressful.

lucky, my wifes grandma has somthing similar.. Not to sure on the diag but she has had to get hers stretched quite often.. She is skin and bone from not eating the kids go there often to make sure she tries.... I have asthma, and often my anxiety attacks make it worse and I know exactly what your saying.. When you cant breath it makes me panic as well........ Some find a dark quiet room helps, I find turning the tv on low volume or picking up the phone and talking to some one..

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