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I start work on Monday
July 23rd

0700 to 1500 or something like that. Stuck on that shift for probably 2 months and that's okay. Then I get the pleasure of rotating shifts which is also okay.

I spent $55. on a pair of shoes yesterday. Footwear is important working in a surgical department. Must be laced up, leather and a light color. I knew a surgeon once who liked to wear sandals into the OR, that was so stupid. He realized that the day he dropped a heavy instrument that was bloody on his toe, broke the toe, broke the skin and the patient had hepatitis B. That was his last day in surgery, he contracted Hep B.

I still wonder if Dr. C still wears those cowboy boots into the OR, just watching him do a 2 to 6 hour surgery in those boots made my feet hurt.
Pressing the like button.

Bodybuilder do they still wear those slip on things to cover the shoes in surgery?

Use to wear them over the shoes in the infant room at work.

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