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A Dad with A Back Injury
I recently made a purchase for a lady on a local swap. Been having trouble getting a hold of her. Finaly did and she explained her Dad is in the hospital for physical therapy.

She said he had injured his back, he gets a round good, likes to do yard work, like to drive, but is afraid this injury may limit him.

Then she said, my Dad is 102.
That is awsome, like I always say when you have your helth at that age life is grand... My grandma is 90, she was still workin up to a few years ago, having hip problems along with muscle deteration.. She still gets around well, goes to casino, yard sales and lives life as best she can.. She still has her car but dont drive by herself much anymore.. If she can remain active I can see her making the 100 mark.........
Had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday, an injured nurse. She said as a floor nurse she as worked with many patients, farmers, ranchers, and their wifes. Their stay in the hospital will be their first experience in the hospital with a number of patients being 95 plus.

It's all about attitude and a positive outlook. Work hard, love what you do and your family. My grandmother took up ballroom dancing again after grandpa passed away, she was 78, she passed away at 87. Her doctor said that she was healthier in her 80's than she was for over 50 yrs. Her dancing lowered her blood pressure, she took no meds.

I would love to be around in my 100's.

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