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Shoulder news. Good or bad I don't have a clue anymore
I'm seeing a new pain management doctor in Georgetown, TX. Turns out my pm doc who was also my shoulder surgeon (3 at this point, 2 on the left and 1 on the right) surrendered his license on June 1st at the ripe old age of 49. Hmmm, gotta wonder why he did that?

Anyway, turns out I have LOTS of swelling going on in the shoulder as well as some other stuff that I was to tired and hurting to badly to absorb. However the new doc seems to think ALL the nerves in my shoulder are trapped. Sure wish someone would hurry up and let them out cause it's painful and I'm really tired of my hand being asleep all the time. But then again at least part of my body gets some sleep so I guess maybe that is good right? lol...

The pain is in my entire shoulder blade, arm, hand, collar bone and upper chest. Oops, I failed to mention this is my dominant hand and arm the one that at the very least I could always make a little cash with playing pool for an hour or two.

When my shoulder froze in November at my second visit to the ER in approx 12 hours they thought I was having a heart attack because I was in so much pain. Hand has been sleepin every since, it is well rested now I would imagine and ready to wake up lol. Ice helps as long as I don't move my arm at all. The anti inflammatories seem to help, ummm well at least as long as I stay still.

So finally someone (thank you so much Dr. Anderson, I think I'm in love with you even though I'm also a woman, lol) thank goodness decided a new MRI might be warranted Smile Because I want a fresh set of eyes looking at the MRI we agreed it would be done before my next appt. in mid August at a facility in the same building.

At some point I broke the acromion and there is an 8mm non displaced piece just hangin out hoping someone will glue it back together. I don't think 8mm is very big but she thinks it might be floatin around in there now.

So anyway I guess that's all for now. I'm gonna go to my recliner now which I am sick of sleeping in after 2 years of shoulder frustration and see if my eyes will maybe take a hint from my hand and go to sleep lol.

I've missed you all but have been trying to stay as busy as my body will allow. By the time I stop it just isn't fun to try and type. Sure hope everyone is doing the best they can with all of the ouchies we have.
Poor Monster the world just isnt very kind to us anymore is it
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Well it could be worse, I'm still walkin half way decent so that's a good thing. I'm better off than many here I think. Does get old after a while though lol.

Are you camp hosting in OK somewhere? How are you guys? Sure hope things are going well

yes we are at cedar lake...our year is up on labor day and they still havent found a replacement.Its nice no water or electric bills but we are ready to go home and take care of our home for awhile...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Saying a prayer for you Monster.

I am seeing a doctor neck week on the shoulders & neck, also start physical therapy next week. I do not have the same medical problems as you but do experience the pain and pressure.
I'm sorry to hear you are having those problems as well. I hope the PT will work for you. My problems are different from yours I believe and it didn't work for me. They also tried cortisone injections which didnt help either. Hoping to get some definitive answers next month as I have all the symptoms of both frozen shoulder which an ortho doc has already dx'd me with as well as all the symptoms of trapped nerves. Hoping for no more surgery but the pain is intense especially if I forget and make a movement such as trying to put my seatbelt on when driving or trying to close a car door when playing passenger lol. Anything upwards or outwards is excruciating but I can still lift alot of weight as long as I don't have to lift it more than waste high. It puts strain on the shoulder but doesn't drop me as other motions do with no weight bearing lol.

Hope your situation improves with the PT Smile

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