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EMG/Nerve Conduction test
(07-15-2012, 06:46 PM)Cycler Wrote: PLease be aware that EMG/NCV's detect certain types of nerve damage or inflammation but not ALL types of nerve pain and so may be reported as a "negative" test. In other words the presence of significant abnormalities on EMG/NCV is positive but the absence of findings does not mean there is no injury.

The same goes for MRI and "herniations"; most abnormalities on spine MRIs are in patients who have no complaints so the mere presence of an "abnormal" disc finding is not enough to make a determination of a pain generating structure or pathology. It's is simply why people get shorter as they get older. It takes a skilled clinician to put together a;; the pieces of data and treat the patient, not the test.

I too was told this exact same thing a/b the EMG...

And you are 100% right a/b a skilled clinician to diagnose a problem, not just one out for the money and not the patients health..

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