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Steriod Injections for Herniated Disks ib neck
Has anyone had luck with steriod injections in their neck for herniated disks (C3-4, C4-5). I hear you must have this done three times to get possible results. I have constant intense pain from my neck, shoulder, arm, wrist and fingers since October 2011. I have tried everything except shots and surgery. This constant pain is driving me crazy, messing up my life.
I injured this at work, even though I have no medical proof. I know this because the wrist started killing me one day, only complained about wrist to wrist doctor. I complained to wrist doctor about the neck, he just ignored me. My fault for not pressing this forward.
The AME found this injury 25% due to work, then changed his mind in the deposition. Since I did not complain at this time (pain was not as intense as my wrists and figures) I am screwed.

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