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Corruption in CA-fraud & coercion-pressured
I'm new here and read through some threads. It's not easy even with an attorney to get anywhere when you are injured at work. I have posted the link to my true story of the shocking behavior received by people working the WC system. Imagine a claim being denied 10 days after the DOI. By a big company, **no names**. The staff act like robots for each other. They are truly trained/brainwashed to keep their mouths shut and not help an injured party for each other because they have judge friends who help them get away with it. A phone call, email, whatever they do to "hook" up and that's it! I hope they get caught, fined, arrested, whatever they truly deserve for forcing such hardship, threats, deceit, and more on injured workers-me. They truly have a system of their own. In the article it explains everything. But, I'm looking for a way to get these people caught and get my compensation once and for all. I've put in many hours playing "Matlock" as I told my I & A officer and their defense attorney. I might have to wait 'till after the trial to take them to the civil court for perjury, libel, slander...Please read the article if you have a few minutes. It's nearly 3000 words. I'd like to know if there's an honest attorney out there for me if that happens! Shy Maybe, I'll have one right away. This is about setting aside a C & R for the reasons of "fraud and coercion".

**no names or links to stories with names. Thank you**

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