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I was injured at work. Workmans comp accepted the claim and will pay medical benefits. But I can't reach anyone to find out WHO IS TO PAY ME FOR MY LOSS WORK TIME. I know their 5 day dr rule but it does not apply to me. Since I have been injured I have received light duty restrictions from my doctor. Workmans comp told me I was accepted for light duty BUT MY COMPANY AT THAT TIME could not accomodate me for light duty and said I could not come back to work until they could accomodate me. I missed 2 weeks of work. I am now back at work and still on light duty but now my company can accomodate the light duty. I won't be able to be released for permanent full time duty for another 2 weeks according to the doctor. WHO IS SUPPOSED TO PAY ME FOR 2 WEEKS MISSED WORK if my JOB NOT ABLE to accomodate light duty: workmans comp or my company's short term disability
Rules are different from state to state. I would go to my states website and look up w/c laws. Here in TN if you are released for LD and cannot be accomedated then workers comp pays you. Same if you go back for LD and only work 30 hrs vs. 40 hrs. w/c pays the difference there as well. Like I said check your state's website or contact your local attorney office and ask them. Most give free consultation.
If I read the below link correctly, since you could not be accomedated your w/c should have paid you. Please read below link, but then again I could be wrong, I'm no attorney.....

workers compensation is responsible for benefits.
"If you are having a problem with your claim, and your problem is not being resolved with the assistance of your claims analyst, please contact our Customer Service Unit at (701) 328-3800 or 1-800-777-5033 and ask to speak with the claims analyst's supervisor. "
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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