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A good or bad thing for Todd?
My brother in law Todd is in need of a kindey transplant. He has a donor who to date has qualified and so far things are looking like the transplant may happen.

Although.....Not for sure what will happen now.........this is the hospital where the transplant was to take place.

I think he needs to go to KS city, he's had one big problem at that hospital and now the hospital Kidney transplant system is in trouble, I think he needs to change hospitals.
I agree..............and now Todd has no choice but to go somewhere else.

One good thing about Kansas City............that is where the donor lives and Todd's two step son's and their families.
The news came yesterday that the hospital board has decided to close the kidney transplant unit in Wichita, KS with the investigation having been completed.

Todd's surgeon along with another doctor have been terminated. So now we are back to locating a transplant center for his future transplant.

Later this summer we will take a vacation with Todd & Lori to Nebraska and visit the Lied Transplant Center where my sister had her transplant, Todd has requested to tour the transplant unit.
I think it's a good thing going to another hospital but it's bad for Wichita and Todd's family. Bad for Wichita because we've lost a good service. Dozens of people will loose their jobs, that's never a good thing. Bad for Todd's family because like you Bummer, probably won't be there for the surgery or post-operative care. People loose a good support system when they have to travel for surgery.

I think Todd will be better off going elsewhere where they have a higher success rating. Too many mistakes were made with the first attempted transplant.

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