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Final results of complaint against work com doctor
The attorney's office called yesterday and asked a couple of questions. This is an attorney I contact as an act of closure knowing the answer they would likely give and knowing it is time to put the neck issue to rest.

First they wanted to know if I settled the wc with open or closed medical. I told them closed with a MSA.

Then the person I spoke with said their opinion was I do not have a case on the neck. I first went to the neurosurgeon March 2010 on the lumbar spine and cervical spine, on the cervical spine I was released needing no medical treatment, I has a small herniation as the DX.

I was injured August 10, 2010 by the work comp doctor and had a MRI of the cervical spine a short time later. Upson returning to the neurosurgeon he confirmed the results of the test showing a large herniation, displace nerve roots, and pressure on the spine.

The attorney said there is no way to prove an injury did not occour between March & August.
And with that they did not feel I had a case.

One thing I did not mention was the fact I had been in physical therapy for the righ knee & lumbar spine between March & August orderd by the work comp doctor. But I do not think that would make a difference in proving I did not have a cervical spine injury previous to August.

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