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NY Civil Service Law 71 Leave of Absence
I received a letter from my employer's self insurance department today that I have a right to a leave of absence under NY Civil Service Law 71. I was hurt on the job late December of 2010, and I just had a tennis elbow surgery at the end of April. I have an IME scheduled for the first week of June, and my doc has me out until late July at least. I have physical therapy which is going slow (just range of motion so far) plus I have been diagnosed with RSD in both my hand and arm where I was injured. I have been in and out of work on light duty since I was hurt (job is in law enforcement). I don't understand what this means really, does it mean they can fire me now and what is my recourse? My doctors say I am months away from any recovery, and the workers comp doc has even said before I was a candidate for disability retirement (which is in his report). I know my docs say that the last thing is a spinal cord stimulator for the pain and none have said I have reached MMI. The letter says that upon the medical examination I can either report back to work if the doc says I am fit for duty or face termination or if I cannot return to work that I can be separated from employment. Either way it sounds as though I will be out of a job possibly in the near future.

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NY Civil Service Law 71 Leave of Absence - Bayan1905 - 05-19-2012, 07:35 PM

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