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Anyone ever have a tennis elbow surgery?
It's been 17 months since I was hurt on the job and I just had a left partial lateral epicondelectomy (tennis elbow) surgery and just started PT yesterday. So far I have been diagnosed with RSD (complex regional pain syndrome) in my left hand, wrist and I think its starting to creep north up the arm). This was done wrestling with a guy (I am in law enforcement) and the best bet was that I hyperextended the arm pulling on this guy who was about 300 pounds. I had left carpal tunnel surgery last year because they thought that was causing the nerve damage in the arm and hand (I had three doctors say I needed it) but it turns out that it did nothing for me, so during the fall and winter it was non-stop physical therapy which was no improvement, and two docs were telling me I need a spinal cord stimulator, and another told me that I need the tennis elbow surgery. Well about two months ago the workers comp doc also backed up the tennis elbow surgery but the spinal stimulator is still on the table. So far the same symptoms of the RSD are in the hand like they never went anywhere and now my arm hurts like all get out, my strength which wasn't much before is much much less and the pain after therapy even now is excruciating. Has anyone ever had one of this surgery before? I know the docs say about how long it might take, but is there anyone who has ever had it so I can get a real world example? The worst part is that I am left handed and this being my dominant arm, the worst part is that being in law enforcement I have to be 100% to do my job. I was on light duty but that can't last my entire career because I can't do my required training for my peace officer status so eventually that will expire too.
My husband had it was in physical therapy for 6 weeks was sent back to work with a 20 lb weight limit they didnt honor and was back in surgery within 6 months this is a rough surgery it isnt easy they are trying to reattach muscles and ligamints to the Google the surgery its a rough one they casted my husbands arm after his surgery to keep it still
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i had master right shoulder surgery with a 10 lbs limit went back to work the next day(big mistake)and 6 months later i had a second surgery and mess up my left shoulder by going to work to soon and now i may have to have 2 more surgery and living with a lot pain and trying to work everyday but i don't know for how long.

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