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Meds changed
My husband had his pain mgmt appt today. He needed stronger Meds as he's been on the hydrocodone for so long it wasn't effective. I expected he would then be monitored as we'll as blood work being done to check for damage from the Meds. No blood work was ordered. He doesn't see the Dr for another year. He left with a stack of oxy scripts for a year since one is needed for each month and a 5 month script for the hydrocodone which will be refilled by fax when 5 months is up. I'm going to set up a physical for him with our Dr so at least bloodwork can be done. This can't be normal. On a good note....I did ask about the aqua therapy Bronco mentioned. He agreed to try a few sessions to see if it helped. We have mediation Wed and my husband wanted to wait till after it. He just has to call his office and he will order it. That I am pretty excited about. I am anxious and curious as to what difference being in the water has on his pelvis or body as a whole.
I'm glad hubby is giving it a try.... With mine it was like a big wieght off my sholders it was total relief to just float on my own.. I always went to the deep end and hung on to the edge and let my feet drop he will see a big pain relief... The excersises that they will have him do will be core excersises, take it slow at first.. Balancing in the water dont seem hard until you have your pelvis broken...........Tell him good luck..
I would be a bit conserned about a PM Dr loading him up on all those meds and not checking up on him....at the very least blood work should be done to check his liver and kidneys....I have to go every 3 months for new scrips and blood work.We used to on here have a thingy where we could check a Dr to see if there was any complaints on him maybe someone remembers it and can bring it back up for you cuz that just bugs me....sounds like a Dr feelgood to me..and that doesnt always mean the best for the patient.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I am very suprised there has been no labs done at all, even my othopedic surgeon draws labs once a year... He is mostly checking my blood levels for infection... But with narcotics your liver needs to be checked often..
He didn't order anything. Just said that the oxy required a script every month. Came back with 12 of them dated for each month and let him know if he lost them he would be out of luck. I'm not positive, but I believe now he is on 20mg oxy twice a day and 8 hydrocodone a day. He did explain that the the longer your on something the better the liver gets at removing it and thats why its not as effective. He offered a "class" to help him deal with pain levels. I asked about the aqua therapy and he agreed to a few classes to see if it helped him. He said he would check to see if the IC would approve it. I said that if he wrote a script for it, that I think they have to approve it and not to ask them anything. His case manager was not at the appt. We go to mediation in 2 days and my husband wanted to wait till after it before he did anything. We don't expect anything to settle or even get close to it. We understand that it's a required step before trial can be scheduled. I will be making a appt with his primary dr for a physical so that blood work can be done. If he thinks that he should be having it done more than we will just have him do it. It doesn't seem like his pain mgmt dr is going to ever do it.

one of the things we bought with my settlement money was an aboveground pool I bought a good one cuz it had to last I knew I would never have the money to buy another one...I float in it,it really helps it takes all the weight off my back and neck it is wonderful
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Ever since Bronco mentioned the aqua therapy way back when I have been wanting him to try it. I know it has to help him feel better. I didn't really push it in the winter. Going out in the cold would not of been worth it on him. We will have to move eventually. The stairs in this house don't work well for him. Mix the stairs with our Mastiff and other dogs and its a accident waiting to happen. We have mediation tomorrow so maybe we can look at ranch houses with pools soon...lol. Till then he will have to use our dogs kiddy pool.Smile
We have a 32X36 oval above ground pool, this is one of the larger above grounds made. The pool is a doughboy, a high quality pool, we have a solor cover on the pool to keep the water warm.

We built a deck around the pool and attached it to the deck off the house. I have injuries of bilateral knees, lumbar spine, and cervical spine, along with bilateral hands. I find the pool easy for me to get in and out of but if need be I could purchase a ramp to increase the access of getting into the water.

I mention the above ground pool because they cost much less than an in ground pool.
My parents have a 52 x 28 round above ground pool, we put it up the year before my injury.. I can get in and out with the steps they bought for it but if they make a ramp it would be better.. You can buy a expandable liner and the center could almost be 6ft.. Many people here have them sunk in 2ft for easier cleaning....
ours is a 33 ft round with what they call wedding cake steps inside the pool and a small deck outside it is 52 inches deep but really only 48 when you factor in everything.....I love it but if I had to do it over I believe I would get a smaller one simply because its a bear to keep clean and chemical costs each year...you have a lot of friends that want to swim but not to many that want to help pay the chemical costs.walmart chemicals just dont cut it it.....we spend over 500 a year on chemicals a year
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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