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Had first Epidural last week, got another surprise!
Montana here. Tarlovs, after being initially diagnosed with herniated disk at L5-S1. Later found to have multiple Tarlovs in sacral area and at L5-S1 S1 -S2.

Now after surgery in 2010 to have these little guys sorted, I was sent for intensive physical therapy to a pain clinic. Started to have tremours, spasms and severe contractions throughout legs, abs, and arms. This is now a constant. The pain in incredible once the full contraction sets in. Anyhow. I am now in a care facility for gaining some weight with thoughts to going for a SCS. Had initial Dr. appt. and loved him. Had epidural last week to see if that would help with pain. And what do we find, but blockage at another level up. L4-L5 or L3-L4. In any case, the epidural at first went straight into the right leg when it was injected for the left. Then when repossisioned, it went right up the cord instead of down. Dr. showed me the xray. Somethere there alright that was not there before and certainly not there on the MRI's prior to my stint at the pain clinic where all of my most severe problems have set in. One of three things. Scar tissue...but why since no surgery done in that area at all, Disc herniation again, or another Tarlovs. If it is a Disc herniation I still risk another Tarlovs. And this level accounts for the full body tremours instead of just the legs. Well the right leg anyhow. The left one just contracts and sticks.

I am having a care conference tomorrow at the care facility. My doctor apparently does not know of it. The nurses here only just found out when I told them after calling my attorney about it. And guess what, W/C WILL be at this conference. Which appals me. I have only gained 6 lbs here, have had numerous seizures since I have been here, all documented now, so now I am wondering what the game is. I mean. I thought I was never supposed to meet with anyone on Workers Comp side whilst I had an attorney. And now I get to see these guys face to face? What am I supposed to say? They expect my family there, which is only my daughter, and since we only found out today, she can't make it. And I am sure that the doctors report on the epidural has not even been dictated and sent yet!!!! I am beginning to think I should apply for a job there. At least now everything is documented and the injuries and disabilities are clearly defined now. Which is something. Maybe they mean to ask me to settle? Who knows. Even my attorney isn't too sure about this. The nurse here said it is highly unusual for W/C to show up for this sort of thing.

Any ideas? I do want to go home though. I want to plant some sunflowers.

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