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Cop pulled gun on husband
Let me say first he is ok and it was their mistake!

They had some sting like thing on a house around the corner. He was taking our son to work and drove through it. My son works at the Casino and realized he forgot his badges so they turn around and drive thru everyone stand around again and turn on our street. Son runs in grabs badges and before they get to stop sign 2 houses away a car blocks them. They didn't know who it was since tinted Windows and unmarked until cop jumps out pointing his gun! They were looking for a known armed felon which I'm glad they are but...He is 20yrs younger and has blonde hair. The only thing they had in common was long hair! I was furious. What if they would of yanked him out of his truck and there him on the ground for their mistake! He drove through the area 2 times! A wanted felon would not!!!!
I can only imagine the complications if the officer had pulled your husband out of the car.

I am speking of his medical conditions and the complications this would add to his wc case.
I am sorry to hear, and glad they didnt yank him out... This happens all the time, I know they have a job to do and thier lifes are in danger but a little less agressive is needed... It has happened to me too, before they even knew who I was I was put to the ground and cuffed.. I am so glad this was pre injury......

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