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Update-post eye debridement
Hi All,

Two weeks ago today I let a surgeon scrape my left eye ball. That alone wasn't bad, this time. I was told that the vision should return to what it was before surgery within a week and then continue to improve, well.....

It's not, not even close to what it was before surgery. The light sensitivity is slightly better, the gritty feeling around the eye is finally gone.

The fluctuations in my left eye have actually gotten worse. I'm still on steroid eye drops, tapering them off as directed.

I see the specialist on May 21st, I will sit and wait and hope and pray. But I'm beginning to think I shouldn't of had this surgery done, I'm almost afraid that it's made my condition worse. Crap.

Oh geese BB, I'm praying that maybe its just taking a bit longer than expected.. I have had problems with my left eye since I was born and nothing back then helped.. I am almost totaly blind in that eye, I can see shapes but no detail anymore.. !0 years ago they had figured 20-200 it has since gone down hill....

I hope your eye gets better.......
Do you need to return to the surgeon, perhaps there a simple fix for this.

Lets pray the eye is just taking a little longer to heal.

Prayers for you girl.
I called the surgeon's office this morning, he's in Hawaii at a conference, they insist that I only see him.

The last time I had this surgery the vision was restored to pre-op sight in 3 days.

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